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Our relationships are in trouble. We have trouble communicating, Facebook and social media makes it too easy to cheat, and families are having trouble staying together. Dr. Rachael has been helping individuals and couples with their sex and relationship issues for over fifteen years. She has done it in person, through television, print, and online.
Her expertise as a sexologist has allowed her to have financial flexibility and it has opened up opportunities for her that wouldn\’t have existed. She envisioned an institute that trains members of the community to do the exact same. The Dr. Rachael Institute has students scattered throughout the world, trained to transform lives, help keep families together, build positive sexuality, positive relationships, and ultimately to secure financial freedom for sexuality coaches and their families.

When you complete the coursework and all of the associated assignments, you will receive your graduate certificate and will be trained as a Certified Clinical Sexuality Coach, a Certified Sexpert, or both. The Dr. Rachael Institute has been accredited by The American College of Sexologist, and graduates of our program are immediately eligible for certification through The American Academy of Sexologists as a certified sexologist.

This is our most comprehensive certification course, and it combines all of the components of the other two certification course: Certified Sexpert Course and The Certified Love Expert Course. The comprehensive course qualifies for 300 CEs for The American College of Sexology.

Learning the fundamentals of anatomy, sexual desire, successful relationships, conflict resolution, the sexual response cycle, sexual dysfunction, sexual templates, human sexuality, and lifestyle and nutrition.
Gaining the skills necessary to empower your clients to become sexually fulfilled and satisfied within their relationships
Becoming proficient enough to guide any type of client through to the most common sexuality goals and sexual roadblocks or derailers, and the most common relationship issues
Becoming comfortable with a variety of sexual situations
Training on what it takes to have a successful relationship, how to resolve conflicts, the physiology of love, breakups, and how to coach couples to survive through infidelity
How to leverage your experience and credibility as a clinical sexuality coach
How to answer your clients\’ most common sex and sexual health questions
How to coach your clients through common sexual practices.
How to become a successful and respected clinical sexuality coach
How to help your client attain their sexuality goals
How to set up your own professional sexuality coaching business and how to integrate it into an existing business.

To become a Certified Clinical Sexuality Coach it takes an average student 3-4 months to complete. We have seen students go through the program in as quickly as six weeks, but each of these students had a large amount of free-time and they were dedicated to finishing up quickly. The course is self-paced, and it uses a state of the art online system that is accessible through your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
There are eight quizzes, written and video homework assignments, and one final exam. As a board certified family medicine doctor, Dr. Rachael designed the course to combine physical health, mental health, and social health all in one place.
By the time you complete the course, you are prepared to either enhance your own relationships with the information, and/or to step out of your box and set up shop and launch your career as a sexuality coach.

If you want to upgrade to the Certified Clinical Sexuality Coach Program at any time during or after your Love Expert Certification or Sexpert Certification, you can apply the amount you have already paid towards the new certification by e-mailing us at info@drrachaelinstitute.com. We will invoice you for the difference in payment.

We are currently working to develop in person training that would be offered 2-3 times a year. Please email us at info@drrachaelinstitute.com for more information.
However, at the present time, we offer online/on demand learning with LIVE video office hours once a month with Dr. Rachael, so that you can get all of your questions answered, and connect with other students through a LIVE environment.

Upon graduation from The Dr. Rachael Institute, you will receive a gorgeous gold detailed and hand signed certificate. Our Certified Clinical Sexuality Coach Program has been approved by the American College of Sexologists towards international recognition as a Certified Sexologist and by the American Board of Sexology as a Certified Sexuality Coach.
However, our certification programs typically do not count towards academic degrees from state accredited universities and colleges.

Sexuality Coaching is a combination of Sex Coaching, Life Coaching, and Nutrition Coaching, and is a growing career choice today. As a Sexuality Coach you can start a rewarding career where you can coach others to realize their full intimate potential, find their soul mates, have more fulfilled sex, enjoy everlasting love.

Certified Clinical Sexuality Coaching requires The Dr. Rachael Institute certification. Graduates may work alongside a therapist, may periodically refer to therapists, and are oftentimes already therapists when they enroll into our program.
However, Clinical Sexuality Coaching is not therapy.

Therapists may invest up to $100,000 and then pay for continuing education courses to maintain their license. They also may invest 5-10 years depending on the route they take.
Clinical Sexuality Coaching graduates of The Dr. Rachael Institute pay much less and receive a comprehensive training that spans through anatomy and physiology, coaching principles, sex, sexuality, relationships, and nutrition. Our graduates are able to start their own lucrative career while paying much less and while attending less schooling.

You can launch a business as a Certified Clinical Sexuality Coach / Love Coach/ Intimacy Coach. You can use the knowledge to expand your current business, or you can launch your brand new business online through shows and podcasts. We provide you with the training that includes suggestions and advice for you whether you want to go into Public Speaking, Social Media Marketing, Private Practice, Pleasure Party Businesses, or Online Coaching. Additionally, our team stays committed to answering your questions even as a graduate.

No. You will have digital access to all of the information through your student portal that you can download and print for yourself.

Anyone interested in furthering their knowledge about sex, love, relationships, intimacy, human sexuality, and anatomy and physiology. This includes, but is not limited to, Physicians, Psychologists, Aestheticians, Home Party Consultants, Nurses, Homemakers, Sex Bloggers & Vloggers, Therapists, Counselors, Social Workers, Nurse Practitioners, Life Coaches, Health Coaches, Adult Entertainers, Adult Toy Retailers, Massage Therapists, Teachers, Erotic Authors, Divorcees, and many more.

The curriculum is on-line material researched, formulated, written, and narrated by Dr. Rachael L. Ross, M.D., PhD, and it is based on current clinical practices.