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Student Testimonials

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Dr Rachael this course is amazing! It reignited my spark. I want to go over alot of the content to make it my own. I can do so much with the love. Chapter and what happens after sex. I am going to get my slides together due to that sealed the deal. I am telling everyone about this program. So many people telling me what I don't need, but this is amazing. I would love to see how the other coaches are doing with the material.  I am about to get in formation. I would like to create a seperate lead page and funnel and think about my freemium and pricing!!

-R. E.  @noirsxtherapist

ASSECT Certified Sex Therapist & lmft

This information is so amazing and it’s truly moving my 'business' in a different direction.  Knowledge is very powerful. Thank you! Thank You!

-Brenda Rogers

Can I just say that the Polyamory Unit was the most absolute and complete unit, so far? I mean, I love them all, but this one challenged me the most. Especially on the topic of compersion, a term that I have never heard. . .I absolutely appreciated how you set the deck of Polyamory with clear definitions, culture, the struggle, tools, and pitfalls. Many of which can be applied creatively in other relationships, bi-sexual and heterosexual.

-Elena McKay

I had a BK party on Saturday and I was able to use what I learned so far at the party. They had a lot of questions and I was ready!!!!  I have been wanting to do a podcast about sex and relationships for years. Now I feel like I am going to be well prepared to host the show now!  Thank you so much!!

-Amanda Streeter

I’m so excited!!! I wanted you to be the first to know that I have my website and YouTube channel up and running!!!

Thank you for all that your doing . As I am giving my self a refresher I'm learning more and more about myself . I am considering taking a minor in neurology ,learning about the body is amazing but the brain is the most powerful organ we have . It makes us.  I found a mindfulness center , I am scheduled for a class next week . I can't wait!!! Thank you so much .  At your Best,

Alexxis Brooks

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