75 thoughts on “Going live to answer questions you’ve sent & about The Dr. Rachael Institute”

  1. I had a Hysterectomy last year and I have my ovaries and tubes and lately my ovaries are really starting to hurt I am very worried this is not a mild cramping it is a major sharp pain. What do you recommend? Please help me Thank you

  2. If you get to this back to my question about the Hysterectomy and my ovaries I had forgotten to mention that I have cysts in my ovaries. And also I have had bleeding i have bin to the er and I have bin told it is normal but i in my heart feel this is not.

  3. I’ve started taking probiotics for BV. But it’s not completely gone away. I’ve done antibiotics, but it’s tearing my stomach up. Tried boric acid, but only once read things online that freaked me out! Help! πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

  4. Where do u recommend a person to start if they are dealing with hyperhidrosis not only under their underarms but also in there vaginal area? Or at least we are assuming that’s linked to it. There is constant underarm odor and vaginal odor within an hour or so after bathing no matter what. That vaginal odor is usually can musky odor

  5. Is it normal for my daughter she is only 12 and when she is on her period she is in tears from her cramps. She is new to this but her bleeding is very heavy i feel awful for her as i was like this and this only her 5th time having her period. Can you recommend something for me to help her. We do Advil and warm packs

  6. Hi Doctor, I miss you so much, I’m auntie of Carol Carol Bass Sanchez, I’m the one that yelled and screamed at the show, my friends Utum, and our group, you look so pretty, how’s the baby girl, I also see beautiful diamonds on your finger, hope your happy, miss you.

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