Although there are no specific requirements for enrollment into our Sexuality Certification Course, we want to make sure that your core values and personal goals are inline with The Dr. Rachael Institute.  Please complete your application and we will notify you of your acceptance into the program.  The Dr. Rachael Institute does not discriminate against anyone on the basis of sex, sexuality, race, religion, or creed.  The Dr. Rachael Institute reserves the right to exclude anyone from the program.  The application fee will be credited towards your tuition payments.  We look forward to helping you transform lives, and most importantly, empowering you to transform your own!!  If you would prefer to download the application and then email it to us, here is the link to download the form: DRI - Registration Form

Please feel free to contact us with any and all questions:

Application for The Dr. Rachael Institute's Sexuality Coaching Certification Program



If you choose to withdraw from the training before you start the program, you'll be refunded all tuition paid less your nonrefundable deposit.  The $100 tuition deposit is nonrefundable should you be excepted for entrance into the Dr. Rachael Institute. Please note that you cannot become fully certified until you have completed the coursework and paid off your tuition.