Renelle E Sex Therapist

– Sex Therapist & Graduate of The Dr. Rachael Institute – ” Dr Rachael this course is amazing! It reignited my spark. I want to go over alot of the content to make it my own. I can do so much with the love. Chapter and what happens after sex. I am going to get my slides together due to that sealed the deal. I am telling everyone about this program. So many people telling me what I don’t need, but this is amazing. I would love to see how the other coaches are doing with the material.  I am about to get in formation. I would like to create a seperate lead page and funnel and think about my freemium and pricing!!Ok going back to review the love module . That will be my money maker!!
You slayed this $hit!!!! Love how you made it relevant and not white washed!!”

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Founder of The Dr. Rachael Institute. Family Physician & Sexologist. MD PhD. Former daily cohost of The Drs-and super mommy.

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