Here are Some of The Students & Graduates of The Dr. Rachael Institute

Our Students Rock!!

Become a certified love coach as a Certified Clinical Sexuality Coach or as a Certified Master Sexpert - The Dr. Rachael Institute

Shani Hart

– Graduate of The Dr. Rachael Institute – “I’m a student at ISEE a program that gives AASECT CEs so you can get that certification and without exaggeration I learned 10xs as much information from your program than this one…”

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Terri Zimmerman

– Graduate of The Dr. Rachael Institute – “I’ve worked with a marketing director for 3 years and I want you all to know that Dr. Rachael so “right on!” She is giving us invaluable information. She is saying everything that a multi million dollar company does to this day! We are so lucky to …

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Gloria Kaasch-Buerger Pelvic Pain Coach

– Graduate of The Dr. Rachael Institute – ” Thank you Dr. Rachael for inspiring me to tell my story to help others! This article was published in our local small town newspaper. . .”

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Kim Collins

– Graduate of The Dr. Rachael Institute – ” Just got off the phone with a client from my other coaching practice. She happens to be a psychologist so I told her about my new sexuality coaching certification and she offered to put my information on a psychologist listserv. Thanks Dr. Rachael for the motivation.”

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Lashonta Edwards Doula

– Student of The Dr. Rachael Institute – ” I just wanted to share a personal win. I honestly did this on a whim not thinking my poster abstract would be accepted because my credentials didn’t measure up to some of the other participants. I received this today and I’m so happy!” – Poster presentation …

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Renelle E Sex Therapist

– Sex Therapist & Graduate of The Dr. Rachael Institute – ” Dr Rachael this course is amazing! It reignited my spark. I want to go over alot of the content to make it my own. I can do so much with the love. Chapter and what happens after sex. I am going to get …

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