Ziakeya Haggerty

– Graduate of The Dr. Rachael Institute – When I look at my Sexuality Coaching certificate, I am still in awe.Why? Because I didn’t think it was possible. This course has helped me become a confident woman an has prepared me to compete in an industry that doesn’t always welcome the perspective of women of color. I first found out about the course through a team- member when I expressed to her that I had a vision of being a sex- educator. I enrolled immediately. Dr. Ross’s energy and passion was quite motivating and that is what reassured me that I made the right decision. The course was created to be self-paced and easily accessible. There were times when I would complete modules while sitting in traffic! The coursework was so informative but not intimidating. Dr. Ross really has a way of making the most complex subject understanding and she correlates those lessons into real world scenarios. I have had issues with self- doubt  and being afraid of talking in front of people but the knowledge gained from her coursework has help me tremendously.  Not only does the course cover all you need to know about the education but she talks about the skill of coaching. She covered body language, tone of voice, and even had us record ourselves in mock coaching session. The feedback she gives will definitely get you to where YOU want to be. I am in the process of opening my sex- coaching business and i am so ecstatic about my future. I even started a pod-cast, The Pursuit of Pleasure and I am more active on social media and the response from people has been great. So don’t hesitate, ENROLL! This course will not only help you improve the sexual well- being of others but it will improve your life. I’ve gained such an inspirational mentor and I am now one of Dr. Ross’s “soldiers” !”

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Founder of The Dr. Rachael Institute. Family Physician & Sexologist. MD PhD. Former daily cohost of The Drs-and super mommy.

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