Become an Amazingly successful SEXuality coach with an extraordinary lifestyle to match.

This course combines the science, the technique, and the business of SEXuality coaching to train you to become one of the best, the most confident, and the most successful coaches in the business.

Can you imagine waking up each morning excited because each day you transform lives, all while financially living the life that you desire? Imagine a life where you make your own schedule, and have more time to spend with your loved ones; and when you tell people what you do, they all lean in closer to figure out how and when they can get on your schedule. A life where your boss sets high expectations that you scramble to meet because you are your own boss?

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“This is the life I have built for myself, and I want to show you how to do the same!”

Advanced Training

Learn the fundamentals of coaching individuals and couples into having a more fulfilled sex lives.

Be Your Own Boss

Use my business model, and step-by-step guide to develop the credibility necessary to attract paying clients.

Wake Up Excited

Feel energized and proud of your career move and the lives you transform as a DRI Certified SEXuality coach.

Work From Anywhere

I will show you how to maximize your free time and keep your overhead to a minimum by coaching from anywhere in the world.


Dr. Rachael Ross is the Next Dr. Ruth

-The Chicago Tribune 

Dr. Ross is one of my go-to sources when I need specific, unique tips for sex articles. Her advice is always fresh, and she provides such fascinating info about the human anatomy--a perspective that I can't get from sex experts who don't have her medical background. Plus, she is reliable, easy to reach, and "gets" our readers.

-Mina Azodi Former Editor Cosmopolitan Magazine

Dr. Rachael is without par in this business, willing to engage on the sensitive subjects least discussed, but of greatest health significance to Americans and beyond. She is a needed voice in our public health dialogue. -Morris W. O’Kelly (Mo’Kelly) Radio host, television commentator

Dr. Rachael is a former student of Morgan Park Academy. We were so fortunate to be able to have speak to our Upper School students. Dr. Rachael is an expert who can relate well to young people and delivers a powerful message that hits home. We hope to have her back in the future.

-Tom Drahozal Principal at Morgan Park Academy


I found that it takes a mix of traditional sex therapy, blended in with basic psychology, and a dash of anthropological thinking, a splash of holistic healing, all swirled in with coaching methods to really empower clients to reach their sexuality goals. That’s what I teach my students.

It’s fun, it’s lucrative, there’s a system, and they get to witness real results!

Why Me?

I’m a medical doctor, a sexuality coach, and a new mommy. I have over 10 years of experience keeping families healthy and keeping families together. I wear plenty of hats, but without a doubt, my career as a sex expert has been the part that has led me to create the lifestyle that I have been fortunate enough to build. The sex expert part has taken me around the world, led me to meet and interact with amazing people, and it helped me to build a quality of life that I absolutely would not trade.

Because I am a sex expert, I spent 3 seasons as the co-host on the Emmy Award winning show The Drs. My first appearance on the show, it was all about vulvas and vaginas lol. Sex is fun!!!

Because I am a sex expert I’ve hosted my own late night talk radio show, and because of my focus on sex, sexuality, and sex education, I’ve even had six figure deals to educate people about safer sex.

Sex has literally infused love and freedom into my life, and I want to teach you how to build the same type of liberation for you and your family.

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