All you need to know to stay stiff & heal your E-Function for years to come.

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Complete Stiffness Training

What is it?

Well, as a physician and sexologist, I’ve been helping men just like you optimize E-Function for almost 15 years now. . .and one thing is clear, there are so many parts to erectile function. So I’ve put together some of my most valued training materials and resources so that you can very quickly navigate through the videos, learn the protocols, put the clinically proven strategies into play, and in an ideal situation - have amazing outcomes with your E-Function.

Up until today, all of these resources were exclusively available to gents who invest $2500 to attend my two day E-Function Intensive Program. Through The Intensive, they spend two days virtually with me and a small group of other gents and they receive personalized and customized recommendations to then consult with their physician about putting these things into play.

The Complete Stiffness Training is a video based, go at your own pace program. I pride myself on making content that engages, educates, and simplifies the process. If you purchase today, you will have access to the content and training materials for as long as the program exists.

1. Your Complete Stiffness Success Schedule:

A one sheet that helps you keep track of the progress. There are so many layers to this process, and having a single sheet that you can reference on a daily basis is important. I suggest that you print it and actually hang it on the inside of your cabinet. Use it for daily reference.

2. Complete Stiffness Lifestyle Hacks: 

All natural ways to boost testosterone.

What foods should you eat to optimize stiffness lifestyle shifts that ultimately can bring amazing stiffness.

Daily desk exercise routines for complete stiffness.

Stress and stiffness solutions.

3. Hands on Protocols for Complete Stiffness:

Pumping essentials 

Testicular massage for optimized testosterone 

Prostate massage for complete prostate health

Premature Ejaculation 

Training Intermittent Ejaculation for complete stiffness 

Nitric Oxide training- Nitric oxide is essential for healthy blood flow. As we age our ability to produce it declines. How can you boost it naturally?

4. Eating For Stiffness:

You will learn how to always eat for your erection. Snacks and shopping list of clinically proven food items to heal from within, decrease inflammation , stiffen naturally.

5. Complete Stiffness Vitamins and Supplements: 

What labs should you order to begin and monitor this journey? 

How can you order these labs yourself when your doc says you don’t really need them?

What do these labs mean? 

6. Identify & Minimize Daily Toxic Exposures: More men than ever and younger than ever are struggling. 

How to detoxify your environment - and why this is even important.

Xenobiotics, fake estrogens and endocrine disruptors are everywhere

7. Sex and Complete Stiffness: 

What are some natural ways to get stiff on demand - besides meds?

Ways to strategize to find a willing partner.

How to integrate intimacy into a relationship that’s great, but it's lacking a few things.

What to do if you are in a sexless relationship

8. Complete Prostate Care

What your doctor hasn’t told you about your prostate and the meds.

Complete supplement guide for prostate support.

A quick and easy way to evaluate your prostate symptoms called the IPSS.

How to biohack your prostate through massage.

9. Key E-Function Strategies and Takeaways.

10. Advanced Phoenix Protocols:

How to use the Phoenix acoustic wave device to optimize E-Function & Prostate health. I have created this program as a way to take a larger program that I have seen transform lives and then make it accessible to you.


Anyone who wants to have access to my Stiffness Protocols Needs to Enroll in My Stiffness Training

Advanced Phoenix Protocols

Yes! The Phoenix can be useful for home use, BUT these protocols help increase the chance of success. PLUS my prostate protocols : )

Scientifically Proven Strategies

This is an all-natural approach to optimizing E-Function. No prescriptions needed.

E-Function Protocols 

The same protocols I've used to help my own patients, can be used by you

Actionable Steps

Step by Step Process to Begin to stiffen up naturally

Complete Stiffness Success Schedule

A checklist designed for success