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What is Nitric Oxide And Why Does it Matter?

  • Nitric Oxide (NO) is a molecule in our body that was discovered in 1992 and one a Nobel Prize in 1998. It is a gas that is used to help your blood vessels relax and expand to help increase blood flow!

  • Nitric Oxide (NO) is not only important for your erection, but it is important for so many processes in your entire body!

  • NO controls oxygen and nutrient delivery to every cell in the body

  • You're only as old as your arteries, and if your nitric oxide levels are low, your blood vessel health becomes compromised which impacts your overall health

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Why Does The Blue Pill Stop Working For Guys and What Are The Pathways To Boost Nitric Oxide?

  • Without Nitric Oxide (NO) present, the blue pill will fail everytime.

  • If your NO levels are low, your blood vessels will eventually stiffen leading to hypertension

  • There are two pathways to boost nitric oxide: One starts with L-Arginine (which I don't recommend to guys that are aging), the other is through the oral nitrates we intake

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Who is Nitric Oxide For, and How Can You Boost Your Levels Naturally?

  • Anyone! Especially anyone aging, over 40, diabetics, those with ED, those with low energy, and more!

  • Foods like: kale, spinach, arugula, ce;ery, cabbage, broccoli, beets, etc. are all great options to help boost your NO levels. This is why I created my E-Function Smoothie Recipe Book in order to help you get the necessary veggies each day!

  • Supplementation is another way to boost NO levels! The supplement we recommend focuses on using potassium nitrates to help you boost NO and so many guys have found it useful for them!

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Erectile Dysfunction Can Be a Signal of Something More

  • There is a link between erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular disease, and it could be a signal to you and your doctor to look for other health conditions as well.

  • Smoking, drinking, diabetes, and hypertension can all lead to endothelial cell dysfunction which means the blood vessels are diseased.



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