Ep.14 - The Quest for Superior Supplements with Ian Clark of Activation Products

Dr. Rachael May 01, 2024
Ep.14 - The Quest for Superior Supplements with Ian Clark of Activation Products

Welcome to another episode of "Give Me an E," the podcast that's not just about elevating your body but also electrifying your grocery cart, especially when it comes to those mysterious shelves packed with supplements. It's the jungle where "survival of the fittest" really means "survival of the best informed." So, who better to guide us than Ian Clarke, the wizard behind Activation Products, who joined our beloved Dr. Rachel for a deep dive into the depths of dietary supplements?

The Supplement Odyssey Begins

Ever felt like you needed a PhD to navigate the supplement aisle? Well, Dr. Rachel feels your pain. Kicking off the show, she lamented the overwhelming sea of products that makes choosing the right vitamin feel like selecting a needle in a haystack—a really expensive haystack, might I add.

Enter Ian Clarke, the man who's seen it all in the wild world of wellness products. He's on a mission to clean up the murky practices in the supplement industry. "Forget the treasure map," he says, "I'm here to provide clear signage!"

From Pills to Thrills

Ian didn't just come to preach; he came to teach. He enlightened us on the cold-pressed truths about supplement manufacturing. Forget roasted pumpkin seeds; Clarke's company uses what sounds like a magical "perfect press" that squeezes out oil without heating up the seeds. This means all the good stuff stays intact—no nutritional value lost to the roasting goblins.

The E Function Smoothie Recipe

Just when you thought it couldn't get any more exciting, Dr. Rachel throws in an "E Function" smoothie recipe. It's not just a drink; it's a ticket to revitalization! And for those wondering about the 'E' – it's all about that 'Energy', folks!

Dr. Rachel's Ultimate Stiffness Question of the Week

No episode is complete without Dr. Rachel tackling the "ultimate stiffness question of the week," where she gives advice that could stiffen a wet noodle! This week, a 77-year-old widower looks to reboot his love life, and Dr. Rachel doesn't hold back. She recommends a combo of nitric oxide boost and good ol' fashioned practice. "Get out there and use it, or you might lose it!" she advises.

A Spritz of Science with Your Supplements

Ian also blew our minds with some science about magnesium absorption. Why drink your minerals when you can spritz them directly onto your skin? It’s like giving your body a little mineral spa day, every day!

Signing Off With a Swirl of Supplements

As the episode wraps up, Dr. Rachel reminds everyone to "Live free and go hard," echoing the spirit of the podcast. Meanwhile, Ian reassures us that not all heroes wear capes—some come armed with seed oil presses and a profound disdain for shortcuts.

So, if you've ever felt lost in the supplement storm, this episode is your lighthouse. Tune in, learn a lot, and maybe even laugh as Dr. Rachel and Ian Clarke help you navigate the choppy waters of health and wellness. And remember, when in doubt, give a little shout... or just listen to "Give Me an E"!

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