Ep.15 - 4 Grocery Staples to Ditch NOW, Nitric Oxide for your BP, and the Truth About Penile Implants

Dr. Rachael May 08, 2024
Ep.15 - 4 Grocery Staples to Ditch NOW, Nitric Oxide for your BP, and the Truth About Penile Implants

Welcome back to "Give Me an E," the podcast where we make the complex world of men's health as simple as popping a vitamin—though, as you'll soon find out, maybe you should think twice before you pop that next pill!

Beware What You Swallow

This week, Dr. Rachel dives into the murky waters of supplements and dietary choices with the kind of gusto usually reserved for a detective on the trail of a suspect. First up? Those pesky vitamin levels. A listener writes in baffled by his sky-high B12 and bottomed-out iron levels. Dr. Rachel's verdict? Too much supplement, not enough absorption. It's a common tale—more Scooby-Doo mystery van than medical quandary.

The Supplemental Suspects

Dr. Rachel isn't just here to answer your questions; she's here to question your answers. That daily B12 pill? Might be time to double-check what it's really doing in your system besides turning your urine a neon hue worthy of a rave.

The Lifestyle Lineup

It's not all pills and potions, though. Dr. Rachel is calling out the usual suspects in your kitchen that might be sabotaging your vitality. Top of the 'most wanted' list? Coffee-mate creamer. Yep, your coffee's sidekick is not the innocent bystander it seems. According to Dr. Rachel, it's a veritable villain, masquerading around with canola oil and a high linolenic acid content that might just be the mastermind behind your sluggish circulation.

Dietary Do's and Don'ts

But it's not just about what you take out; it's about what you put in. Dr. Rachel urges a balanced diet over falling for the latest fad, whether it's the all-meat escapade or the zero-meat crusade. Her philosophy? A little moderation goes a long way—like using less barbecue sauce on that 'Satan' seitan.

The Heart of the Matter

At the heart of today's episode is a simple message: eating should not be a biochemical war. It's about harmony—between nutrients, lifestyle, and those little indulgences (looking at you, oatmeal cookies from mom). So, before you overhaul your pantry or ditch every bottle that doesn't say 'organic,' take a breath. Good health is a journey, not a sprint—unless you're sprinting away from trans fats, then by all means, lace up those sneakers!

The Call to Action

As always, Dr. Rachel isn't just here to preach; she's here to practice. So if you've got a question burning a hole in your pocket or just need reassurance that your multivitamin isn't a wolf in sheep's clothing, drop her a line. And remember, next time you reach for that supplement bottle, ask yourself: "Is this the secret to vigor, or just a very expensive placebo?"

Stay tuned, stay informed, and as Dr. Rachel loves to say, "Live free and go hard!"

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